Steel Reusable Coffee Filter
Steel Reusable Coffee Filter

Steel Reusable Coffee Filter

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Feel like barista!

   Steel reusable coffee filter will maximize your brewing exprience. Steel reusable coffee filter is the perfect alternative to disposable paper filters.

  • Easy to use design,
  • Non-clogging, double-layer, steel mesh filter,
  • Fit all sizes of commercial coffee mugs and cups,
  • One brewing is a deliver single or 2 cups of coffe
  • Reusable for 3 years

Eco-friendly, and cost-saving!

    Using a steel reusable coffee filter instead of paper filters 1 year, studies show that, saves 1 tree.
    Using steel reusable coffee filter is good fort the ecosystem as well as your budget.

Material: Stainless steel 
Color: Silver
Size (Top Dia x H): Approx. 100 x 60mm / 3.94 x 2.36inch 
Weight: Approx. 135g